Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pinjre Ke Panchhi re ... Lyrics with English translation

Song : Pinjre Ke Panchhi re ... Lyrics with English translation


pinjare ke panchhi re, tera dadr na jaane koe (2)

The bird in the cage, no one knows your pain

kaha na sake tu, apani kahani

You can not say, your story
teri bhi panchhee, kya zindagaani re

Yours also, oh bird, what kind of life you lead
vidhi ne teri katha likhi aansu mein kalam duboe

The Lord wrote your story by dipping the pen in tears
tera dard ...

Your pain

chupake chupake, rone vaale

Silently silently, the crying one
rakhana chhupaake, dil ke chhale re

Keep hidden, the lie of the heart
ye patthar ka desh hain pagale, yahaan koi na tera hoy

This country is of stone, oh crazy one, there is no one of yours
tera dard ...

Your pain...

Thanks madhu ji for lyrics and English translation

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  1. Serious mistake in translation of " rakh Na Chhupa kar, dil ke Chhale " It means, "DONOT HIDE THE BLISTERS OF YOUR HEART"

    1. I love this song. Makes me cry everytime I hear it.

  2. The Lord wrote
    should be
    Fate wrote

  3. it should be... "keep hidden the blisters of your heart" only, coz its not "rakh na chhupa kar",, its "rakhna chhupa kar".

  4. Thanks for the translation, a little more enlightened

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